About the company

Since 2008 Frandsen Morrill Advisors (FMA) has remained committed to helping clients feel comfortable, confident, and appreciated. Financial planning can be a frustrating and overwhelming task, and most people operate without a formal plan.

(Footnote: According to Schwab’s 2021 Modern Wealth Survey, 33% of Americans have a written financial plan.)

Individuals and families that have professional guidance in crafting their personalized retirement plan make better long-term life decisions than those without direction. Using the FMA Process, our clients are carefully assisted in developing an individualized blueprint to meeting their objectives.


At FMA, we have spent years refining our operations to help clients in a few specific industries. (embedded link) Because of our specialization, we serve a limited number of clients, and our time is dedicated to customizing our services to those clients we can truly serve well.

Our commitment to you is enveloped in our firm values.

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The Frandsen Morrill Experience is our commitment to making you feel welcome, appreciated, and respected anytime you interact with us. To minimize the pressure people often feel in hiring professionals, prospective clients are invited to meet 3 times with an advisor before being asked to do business with FMA.

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Over the years we have developed a disciplined and systematic approach to serving clients. Though we are constantly trying to improve, clients know what they can expect from our team. Clients know that we honor the commitments we make to them.

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Executing a uniquely tailored financial plan is a long and complex process. It is difficult for one person to do it alone. We believe the team approach increases a client’s odds of success. So, in addition to being assigned to a specific advisor for their planning, clients are served by an empowered and qualified staff to address a variety of client needs. This approach increases the speed and accuracy to addressing client concerns on a timely basis.

Who We Serve

Professors & College Employees

Frandsen Morrill Advisors are authorized to work with the nations largest providers of non-profit retirement plans, and have a working knowledge of the benefits provided by major universities and local colleges.

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Construction & Engineering Industries

We help plan for individuals in the construction and engineering fields. Many of the people we work with simply do not have the time or desire to create and execute an effective financial plan on their own and want help in doing so. 

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Public Employees

Public employees work hard keeping our communities safe, vibrant and operating efficiently. Frandsen Morrill Advisors helps state and city employees ensure that there own retirement planning is safe and solid.

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Power & Utility Workers

Frandsen Morrill Advisors has worked with hundreds of clients in the mining and utility industry helping them manage their hard-earned retirement benefits.

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