• How much should I expect in pension benefits from my company?

  • What funds/asset allocation should I choose for my 401(k)?

  • What can I expect from Social Security, and at what age should I take my benefits?


As a power or utility worker, after a hard day's labor, one of the last things on your mind is how your company's defined benefit pension plan works and what that means for you. With the increasing complexity that accompanies money and retirement planning, it can quickly become a burden to tackle these issues on your own. As experienced advisors, we understand the necessity to have retirement in order so you can focus on your work and your family.


Our Services

  • 401(k) account management through the company's 401(k) SDBA (see 401k Management tab)
  • Personal investment plan analysis
  • Personal retirement plan analysis
  • Personal insurance plan analysis
  • Social Security analysis
  • Medicare analysis


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