The view of many people is that financial planning is a dry, boring, and stressful topic.

After visiting our office, it is common for clients to comment on their newfound feelings of peace and confidence in having a caring professional team beside them to meet their personal goals. Clients may not be able to define it, but people know when they have had the FMA Client Experience.

Entering the office for the first time you will notice you are greeted with a welcoming, genuine smile and people that strive to make you feel welcome and appreciated. Then, after you are comfortably settled in, you will have a pleasant, no-pressure, no-obligation conversation with an FMA advisor. After two or three such meetings, if FMA appears to be a good fit for your situation, you will be invited to formalize the business relationship and become an FMA client.

Then, on a periodic basis, you will be invited to review your individualized plan with us, and if necessary, modify your plan to keep it relevant to your current situation. This process is not unique, but the way it is executed at FMA is exceptional.

From the beginning FMA was founded on the principles of FMA Client Experience. Not everyone becomes an FMA client, sometimes we are not the correct fit, but our goal is to assure everyone who encounters FMA has a unique and pleasant experience.