1 - Introduce

We discuss your background and current direction to determine if our client-advisor relationship will be a good fit.



2 - Discover

We explore your personal goals and dreams to start process of determining what your financial plan will look like.



3 - Draft

The Frandsen Morrill team analyzes, collaborates, and then creates an action plan that prepares you for your dynamic financial future.



4 - Recommend

We propose the specific financial plan options for you that fits with your goals, disclosing any conflicts of interest or risks associated with each option. We provide the materials for you to make an informed decision.



5 - Implement

We commence on getting your retirement plan in order by signing the necessary documents and beginning the required actions.



6 - Review

We monitor and adjust your plan to assure it continues to accomplish your needs and objectives. We are a resource for you to receive advice in key decision-making moments in your life.