• How much should I expect in pension benefits from my employer? 

  • What funds/asset allocation should I choose for my 401(k)? 

  • What can I expect from Social Security, and at what age should I take my benefits? 

  • Am I on track to meet my retirement objectives? 


Darren heads up planning for individuals in the construction and engineering fields. Many of the people we work with simply do not have the time or desire to create and execute an effective financial plan on their own and want help in doing so.


Our Services

These clients typically want help in 3 major areas of planning.

1. Account consolidation

Over the years clients may work for several employers, and consequently have multiple employer plan accounts.  Often, it makes sense to consolidate these accounts under one institution to coordinate investment goals and long-term allocation.

2. 401k guidance and long-term planning

Employer sponsored 401k accounts are often among the largest assets held by individual investors.  It is critical that people coordinate their 401k investments with their personal financial plan. Often getting professional guidance is the best solution. Most plans do not provide personal advice to employees. We help people understand their 401k plan and what it means for their overall retirement outlook.

3. Non-retirement and mid-term investing

Prudent planning suggests having a 3–6-month short-term emergency reserve. Once this is achieved, commonly people wonder what to do with their nonretirement funds or mid-term money. Some examples of concerns our clients commonly want to address include; education funding, funds for a second home, and paying charitable donations.  We strive to help find the right balance of potential growth and liquidity for their short, medium, and long-term goals.